A.H. Furnico offers a variety of high quality products at an affordable price.

From our state-of-the-art shower enclosures, our WaterSense ADA certified toilets, to our solid wood entry doors, all of our products are guaranteed to be of the upmost quality at only a fraction of the cost of comparable products on the market.


Come explore our products!


This is a view of the shower model S 1615, a luxury shower enclosure, shower stall.

Relax in a luxury hot shower with body jets.  Our state-of-the-art shower enclosures come equiped with everything you need for your relaxation needs!

Luxury tub-showers at an affordable price! Enjoy a bath like no others with our top-of-the-line bath & shower enclosures.

70010-12 Exterior Side.jpg

The Crowning Touch For Any Home

Quality Craftsmanship And Construction of US red alder and other wood species


This is  rubber paver for your home, kids playground and padio.

Do you find yourself wishing the ground was softer?  Or perhaps you have kids who are prone to falling?  Or you're doing all you can to avoid repaving the driveway?

Rubber pavers are the solution!

This is a tree ring rubber paver.

Why remulch every Spring like a fool when you can slap one of these babies down and not worry about it for the next 5 years?

While your neighbors are shoveling mounds of foul-smelling mulch around their yard, you'll be inside enjoying an ice-cold beer.


Don't skim on the most important seat in the house!  Explore our collection of water-efficient one-piece and two-piece toilets with both elongated and round bowls.


Our line of top-quality medical mounting systems will meet all of your hospital's mounting needs!


The air you breathe is teeming with bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens, just waiting for the opportunity to strike.  Fight back with the Dr. Sunshine UVC PCO Air Purification System.