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Enviro12EA-5 AN5534-black.jpg

These European inspired one-piece toilets have an elegant, contemporary design that will add style to any bathroom.


The water-saving dual-flush feature allows you to choose between a 0.8 gallon flush for liquid waste or a 1.28 gallon flush for solid waste.


Available in white,and black.





Our line of top-of-the-class , ADA certified, high efficiency Envioflush toilets were designed in-house, providing a one-of-a-kind look.


These toilets are not only water-efficient (only 1.28 gallons per full flush), they hve the highest flush power rating possible at 1000g MaP.


Available in dual-flush and single-flush.


Available with round or elongated bowls.


Available in white only.


Are you a contractor?  Click here.

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