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Oblong Curved Bath & Shower Enclosure

Price: $1899.00

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Features & Details:

  • Size:  32"L x 60"W x 86"H

  • 10" rainfall shower head

  • Height adjustable 4-pattern handheld shower head

  • 6 massage heads

  • Foot massager

  • Radio

  • Overhead LED lights

  • Ventilation fan

  • Soft tub pillow

  • Mirror, shampoo dispensers, and shelves

  • Plumbing components (fittings and hoses for shower heads and jets) 


  • Steel beam enforced floor tray

  • Extruded aluminum frames

  • Fiberglass enforced ABS (engineer-graded) plastics walls

  • 5 mm thick tinted tempered glass

Installation Video Instruction:

  1. Front Frame Installation Instruction:

  2. Hardware:

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